Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AOIT Art Exam Part 3

1.) I believe that this was my most successful piece of artwork that i have made this semester. This artwork shows that 'I create original art' and that 'I developed art making skills'. I show both of these because as you can see the chicken nuggets in the background are very original and creative, and this also shows how i developed my art making skills because i learned how to make art pieces like this in photoshop.

2.) If i could re-do any of my artwork it would probably the mixing two animals project. I would do this piece over again because my merging skills are very sloppy and i could have done better around the head. I could have also chose more interesting animals to merge. One last reason i would do this project again is because it was pretty fun to make.

AOIT Art Exam Part 2

Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process?
During our work process we asked for feedback from each other a lot, we asked each other about the color choice, the size, and the placements to see if we all liked it and if it looked good. Also other students came to visit us while we were working on it and they pointed out different things that helped us create this. 
Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you?
Yes, someone did help me understand important information that inspired me and my group. Were chose the starbucks cup because we were inspired by the whip cream and how it looked, we thought it would look really cool when we drew it out. We were also inspired because it was going to be easier than the coke bottle. 

AOIT Art Exam Part 1

A.) The first piece of art that we created was Morgan Freeman made out of sticky notes. We used technology for this because we looked up a picture of Morgan Freeman on the internet. Then we went onto Photoshop and we made a grid that we would use to make the final product. Once we made the grid we changed the colors to match sticky notes. We then printed out the grid and one group took one half of the paper and another group took the other half of the paper. Once we were done placing the sticky notes onto the paper we put both of the sides together and it made Morgan Freeman.

2.) Technology played a roll in making this piece of artwork because i went onto PhotoShop and i took  a picture of ellen and i placed a background image behind ellen. Then i took the fire from the blast off and made it move up with ellen. this make it look like llen is blasting off like as  rocket would. And that is how technology played a roll with making art.

Friday, May 15, 2015